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Love sports to take good care of your body - - kneecap

Love sports to take good care of your body - - kneecap

Love sports to take good care of your body - - kneecap

Believe a lot of people know kneepad, also know to be able to use kneepad in a few necessary occasions, follow next snow to understand together.


When riding on a flat road, the buttocks are usually sitting, the knees are bent straight about 90°, the movement frequency seems to be riding speed, and the joint pressure seems to be in gear.Due to excessive pressure exerted on the knee by cycling, coupled with strenuous exercise in cycling, it is easy to pull the patella away from the original part, resulting in the knee joint disease, and wearing a kneecap can make the patella fixed in a relatively stable position, to ensure that it is not easily injured.

Mountain climbing

Knee pads can help reduce the damage to the knee during mountaineering, which is a great way to protect the knee.It's best to wear knee pads, even if your legs feel tight.Kneecap is a shock absorber, can play a good buffer, can let the patella movement within a certain range, to reduce the knee injury.And the knee is very easy to catch cold, if the cold is easy to cause some knee joint disease, so, in a cooler environment to wear knee pads, can play a very good thermal insulation effect.

Run The runners must have deeply felt-after we started running, there were cases <br />of knee soreness or pain, and in severe cases even affected our daily walking. <br />The pain that occurs during running is more straining. It is a symptom that <br />occurs after repeated accumulation of the same movement. It will be relieved <br />after wearing knee pads.

Classification of knee pads

1, open kneecap is also what we often say open kneecap, the advantage of this kneecap is in the prescribed size range can maximize the joint.Open knee pads are said to be average size, but this average size also has a certain range of values, such as the average size of the range is 20-50cm, so if your knee circumference is 55 words, this is not for you!

2. The closed knee pads are also called wearing knee pads, and the protective effect changes from being protected to warm! When selecting the size of the closed knee pads, you need to choose according to your knee joint circumference. Do not buy too loose or too tight. For example, the size of knee pads is 40-45CM knee circumference, your knee circumference is within this range. You can choose.

Daily maintenance

1. Kneepads should not be exposed to the sun

2. Keep it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture

3. It is forbidden to soak for a long time. The flannelette surface can be soaked in water and gently rubbed

4. Avoid ironing

Knee can be said to be one of the most important mobile joints of the human body, its structure is complex and very fragile, but also because it belongs to the lower limb joints, it is not only to carry the body weight, but also to withstand the impact from the ground reaction force and joint twisting force, so the knee is also one of the most vulnerable joints of the human body.Protect our knees, strengthen the muscles around the knees, go to the next mountain sea.


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