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Is the fascia gun really that amazing?

Is the fascia gun really that amazing?

Is the fascia gun really that amazing?

  • First, let's talk about what fascia is.Fascia is a kind of relatively dense connective tissue, generally divided into three categories: the first category is located in the subcutaneous tissue of the superficial fascia;The second is the deep fascia that surrounds the surface of the muscle, which is what we're going to talk about today;The third is the visceral fascia, which plays a role in fixing the position of the viscera.

  • The main function of fascia in muscle is to reduce the friction between different muscle tissues and help them contract better.Research from the university of ulm in Germany has shown that fascia can actively contract due to the presence of smooth musculoskeletal fibroblasts, affecting musculoskeletal dynamics
  • During exercise, muscles are innervated by nerves. After exercise, sometimes muscles can relax, but nerves are still in an excited state, which may lead to continuous muscle tension and stiffness.In addition, in the case of some high-intensity exercise or long-term maintenance of a kind of fatigue, the muscle and fascia may appear minor damage, some people may also appear in the fascia/muscle space in the cable-like tissue, these tissues can also cause internal tension changes, which can cause discomfort.In addition, during high-intensity exercise, the body's energy and substance metabolism, as well as the body's self-protection mechanism, may also cause muscle/fascia discomfort
  • Understand that the above two points, we can better understand the fascia gun how to utilize the resonance principle of fascia muscle stress, and to achieve the purpose of relaxing the muscles: the fascia gun applied first to cover to muscle on the surface of the muscle fascia, temperature on the physical stimulation and muscles, under the dual role of the flexibility of the muscle fascia ductility increases, fascia gun using the principle to implement body relaxing muscles.

  • Traditional stretch relaxation tools: foam shafts and massage sticks have limited effect

  • Through the vibration hits, achieves the muscle and the fascia self-relaxation regulation, lets the relaxation be more efficient.Quickly reduce muscle pain and stiffness, relieve muscle fatigue, speed up blood circulation, to improve the health of the body.

  • Professional athletes from professional teams such as MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL, as well as European club teams, are using fascia guns to relax their muscles and stay on top of their game.

  • ▲NBA star rose USES a massager to relax his muscles during a game

  • After working out, you won't feel sore and your muscles will look better
  • For fitness professionals who need to gain muscle, the fascia gun is effective for relaxing muscles, not only avoiding discomfort after high-intensity exercise, but also promote sympathetic nerve excitement, make muscles easier to enter working conditions, brain and body Better coordination, and a good figure for waistline and hips are also easier to obtain.

  • A one-minute relaxation of the posterior femoral muscles can actually increase forward flexion by 5-10cm.
  • For girls who don't want to be too strong, muscles that are too tense to be eliminated after exercise can easily grow ugly muscles. Release these extra excitability by relaxing the fascia gun, and the muscles will be full and slim.Joint muscles can grow safely and well.

  • For most office workers, a long day of sitting is easy to stiff, use it to relax quickly, but also can avoid cervical spondylotic disease.After hiking, use it to relax your leg muscles for a quick recovery.Even after lifting heavy objects during the day, massage them to avoid muscle strain.

  • There are 6 joints in the deep muscle relaxation massager: the u-shaped head is used for the spine;Small round head for joints;Large bulbous head and standard bulbous head are used for large muscle groups;Small flat head and shock absorber for whole body.

  • Each type of massage head can relax the muscles more accurately and quickly. After the main training, it doesn't take too long to do the stretching, but it can get a better stretching effect.The pectorals only need 30 seconds, the abs need 45 seconds, the latissimus dorsi 35 seconds...Just 10 minutes can relax the whole body.

  • 5 speed change adjustment to meet different needs
  • 5 speed change adjustment, for different training levels and physical endurance can be matched freely, to meet different needs.Delivers up to 3,300 hits per minute at 5 levels to build sexy muscles and make movement more effective.

  • 3-4 hours of super long battery life, 10 minutes a day, more than half a month charge is enough.
  • It's going to be a flesh-exposing summer. Are your muscles ready to show?


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